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Mission Statement

A.UNIT is an open platform for artists and cultural workers who identify themselves as and feel part of the Asian and/or African diaspora in Austria. The aim and task of A.UNIT is to provide a creative and safe space for the Afro-Asian communities in Vienna, where they can express and present themselves, support each other and make themselves heard.


A.UNIT advocates a system of values that stands for equal rights and freedom for all people, regardless of skin color, gender, language, religion, political opinion, ethnic or social origin. A.UNIT occupies the social space that everyone in Austria, regardless of their origin, is entitled to have. Through this platform, two marginalized groups (each in different ways) take their visible and audible stance in the Austrian mainstream society. A.UNIT offers space and time for this unique artistic-cultural connection that has never been seen before in Austria.


A.UNIT is an interdisciplinary club series with a focus on Afro-Asian culture in Austria, complemented by a socio-political discourse program. In addition to DJ sets, live performances and concerts, the interdisciplinary program is also composed of exhibitions, installations, live painting sessions, design markets, workshops, film screenings, poetry slams, lectures and panel discussions. By combining socio-political discourse with club culture, A.UNIT provides space for subcultures and offers an interdisciplinary exchange of innovative content. This format serves social interaction, exchange and networking, with the conviction that art and culture connect. Through the integral conveyance of various artistic forms, such as music, dance, visual arts, applied arts and film and with the participation of intercultural protagonists as well as recipients in the respective fields, an innovative and sustainable contribution to the Viennese cultural landscape is made.


A.UNIT is a cross-genre meeting place where artists can exchange ideas and present their work to the public. At KunstBogen (KUBO), a melting pot between different scenes and cultures are to be consciously created and thus create a positive impact on the Viennese district culture. Close to the U6 station Gumpendorfer Straße, the venue is located in a decentralized and culturally underrepresented part of the city. A neighbourhood, that has so far been neglected in terms of culture, is to be revitalized and inspired by our various artistic formats. With A.UNIT, together with the City of Vienna and the neighboring districts, we want to meet these current challenges on several levels and at the same time expand and enrich the independent, local music sector and the Viennese art and culture scene, with these so far extremely underrepresented communities. 


ARTISTIC LEADERSHIP + FOUNDERS: Dorian Pearce, Efua Jarvis und Maiko Sakurai Karner

CURATORS: Tonica Hunter, Shi Yin, Ayo Aloba, Olinclusive



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