ginkgo necklace

ginkgo necklace


Our ginkgo necklace is a weightless piece of jewellery inspired by the beautiful, powerful and magical ginkgo leaf. This necklace has a pendant both in the front and in the back, to show of both sides of your beautiful body.

The pendant on one side is the abstraction of a ginkgo leaf into a geometric form,which makes this piece of jewellery a minimalistic and sophisticated piece of art. The pendant on the other side is a hand-chased ginkgo leaf, which with it's delicate little details, looks almost real. The combination of both creates a sophisticated 


- handmade with love

- 925 sterling silver

- optional brass, 14k gold-plating (takes an additional 2 weeks for production)

- in solid 14 carat gold on individual order per mail (takes an additional 2 weeks for production)


This pair is part of a series of unique jewellery pieces 'transfiguration - ginkgo series', representing the metamorphosis from figurative natural studies into an abstract form - a transformation of an outer shape - not the inner content.

Every piece of jewellery is handmade with love and our products might have slight but personable inconsistencies. This is what makes kleine tänzerin jewellery stand out.

Material: 925 Sterling Silver 

Height: 1,1

Width: 1,2 cm

Wire Diameter: 0,8 mm

Our earrings are made for pierced ears.